I have worked as an artist and creative practitioner for 15+ years delivering projects in London, Philadelphia, and Bangkok. My work has been focused on community lead socially engaged design and public art. I take a holistic human centred approach, through accessing pre-existing networks and community resources to inform engagement strategies. My passion is creating localised community lead interventions, spaces, programmes and events which address social and political inequalities with practical creative solutions. 


Work Experience


2017–2020 Artist and Project Lead, Something & Son, London

I was a member of the Something & Son Collective as an artist and community engagement designer. I led key projects such as A Common Ground with Tate Britain and the Tomorrow’s Market Programme for Greater London Authority. My role as an artist at Something & Son involved developing proposals and strategies for community lead regeneration and public art projects. I developed work for Southwark Council, Camden Council, Grosvenor Estates, Milton Keynes Council, Barking Riverside, UK Arts Council, Tate Britain, Tate Modern and the Greater London Authority. 


2006–2020 Freelance Artist and Designer,

I have worked as a freelance artist, designer, facilitator and curator. I have been commissioned by small businesses, musicians, artists, community groups, and both public and private institutions in Philadelphia, Bangkok, Italy, Berlin and London. Providing community engagement consultation, public programming curation, branding and design support, strategic development, and artistic direction. 


2010–2013 Designer and Faculty, Reclaim Printshop, Philadelphia, PA

For 3 years, I produced artworks and supported the development of Reclaim Community Printshop. While working there, I provided services to grassroots organisations and skill development classes for young people as well as start-up fashion brands, including  Philadelphia Print Works, Weirdo, Matthew Law, BLM, Philadelphia City Council, M.O.V.E and ACAF Centre. 


2009–2010 Marketing Director, Explore Media Group, Bangkok TH

I managed a small team of designers and filmmakers over an 8-month period. Overseeing the day-to-day production of marketing materials for 3 online resources, primarily focusing on new technology, 3D filming making and digital media.


2004–2010 Designer and Project Manager, Ban Thor Phan, Sangklaburi, TH

I worked for the Ban Thor Phan organisation in Western Thailand for 6 years, working with young refugees, aged 15 to 20 years old, from the Karen, Mon and Rohingya communities. My work involved developing a number of projects, which utilised local natural resources and adapted the skills developed from migrant trade such as farming and factory work.


Selected Projects


2018–2020 Tomorrow’s Market, The Greater London Authority, London

I designed and led the 2-year pilot programme, including its recruitment strategies, community engagement programmes, brand identity and collaterals. I also provided 30 market traders with mentorship and organized workshops with both market traders and market officers in both public and private markets across London.


2018–2020 Peckham Food Hall, Southwark Council, London

Over a 2- year period I supported the design and strategic planning for the Peckham Food Hall meanwhile space. The food hall was designed in collaboration with local businesses to support their transition during the regeneration of the Peckham Rye train station, in Peckham, London. I also provided support around branding, health and safety, licensing, online sales and delivery services, marketing, visual merchandising and supply chains.


2018–2020 Peckham Palms, Southwark Council, London

I provided creative and strategic support during a 2-year R&D programme, which was undertaken to ensure the resulting retail space which were relocated due to the Peckham Rye train station regeneration plan could be meaningfully co-designed to better meet the users’ business and cultural needs. I also sat on the board and steering group as a consultant and supported the hairdresser and Palms team to develop their businesses and brands.


2018–2019 Something & Son Placement Programme, London

I developed an internship programme between Something & Son Ltd. and Goldsmiths University of London, which provided 50 placement opportunities for the MA and BA design programmes’ students over the summer of 2018 and 2019. The placement programme provided the students with hands-on practical design experience, offsetting their theoretical university training.  


2018 A Common Ground, Tate Britain, London

I was the project lead responsible for conceptual and curatorial development. I created a public programme over a 5-month period, using food as a means of engaging local audiences. I worked closely with local residents, the Tate’s service staff and two local Mosques throughout the summer to produce a programme of community dinners, cooking workshops, and ethnobotanical wayfinding tools and the first ever Iftar dinner held at the Tate Britain. 




2021 Ramadan Pavilion, The British Mosque (Installation)

Victoria And Albert Museum, London


2020 Peckham Practice x Metatopia (Window Exhibition)

Peckham Foodhall, London


2018 A Common Ground (Installation)

Tate Britain, London


2017 Parasitic University Mobile Unit (Van)

London Design Festival, London


2014 Bismillah Solo Exhibition

El Chiringuito, Bangkok


Jamal +Batchu (Mixed Media Sculpture)

HOF Art NOW Group Exhibition, HOF Arts Bangkok


Emulsification (Performance)

Until Something Brings Us Back to Reason, V64 Gallery, Bangkok


Open Studio Exhibition

Oasis of Freedom, V64 Art Space, Bangkok


2012 Dak Sisu Nordic Thai Storytelling (Pop-up Restaurant) 

University of Gastronomic Science, Bra, Italy


2010 Common Knowledge (Print and Mixed Media)

Gallery 43, Philadelphia, PA


Talks, Workshops and Teaching


2020 Speaker, London Growth Hub Enterprise Summit

City Hall, Greater London Authority, London 

Facilitator, Peckham Practice Workshop Series

Peckham Foodhall, London


2019 Facilitator, Branding for Chefs Workshop

East Street Eats, 55 East, London 


Facilitator, Looped Systems Workshop

Tate Modern, London


2018 Guest Artist, Agents of Creative Change 

Battersea Art Centre, London


Guest Tutor,  BA Interior Design

London Metropolitan University, London


Facilitator, Future Fossil Workshop

Design Museum, London

Speaker and Organizer, Ramadan Tent Project Arafat Day Event 

Tate Britain, London

Facilitator, Recipe Exchange Cooking Workshop

Tate Britain, London


Chef and Facilitator, A Seat at the Table Artist Dinner

Tate Britain, London


2017 Organizer and Facilitator, Guerilla Lecture Series

Parasitic University of London, London


Writer, Incentive, Subversion and Force Lecture

Goldsmiths University of London, London