Abdullah Elias

Abdullah Elias (b. 1985, Philadelphia) is an artist, designer and curator, primarily working in socially engaged art initiatives. For the last fifteen years, he has delivered projects in collaboration with public and private institutions, galleries and grassroots organizations in Philadelphia, Bangkok and London. His work investigates the socio-political entanglements of objects and spaces as well as themes of faith, decolonization and gastronomy, through public interventions and programming, installations, performances, deconstructive storytelling and trolling, which collectively aim to address social inequities.

Elias also facilitates the strategic and conceptual development of community-led projects. Through various modes of community engagement and co-design, Elias has supported the development of holistic platforms and projects which promote long-term sustainable economic and cultural growth, working in partnership with wide range of socio-economic groups.

Notable collaborations: Victoria And Albert Museum(UK), Greater London Authority(UK), Battersea Art Centre(UK), Tate Britain(UK), Tate Modern(UK), Design Museum(UK), London Design Festival(UK), V64 Bangkok(TH), HOF ARTS Gallery Bangkok(TH) amongst others.