The Common Knowledge Collective was a socio-political arts collective, based in West Philadelphia. The collective is formed of four members: Quan Blanche, Russell Shoatz, Doc Harris and Elias. They generated works between 2009 and 2015 that explored concerns with race, class and gender, and also celebrated the under-represented diaspora’s American experience.

Common Knowledge also supported the everyday operation of the Reclaim Print Studio. Reclaim was established by Quan Blanche through a grant scheme sponsored by the Leeway Foundation. The print studio provided classes and low-cost print services to grassroots organizations and start-up fashion brands, and offered training programmes for people of all ages to build skills. 

Elias worked with Common Knowledge for three years, producing artwork and supporting the development of Reclaim Print Studio, working with a number of start-up brands and community organizations including Philadelphia Print Works, Wierdo, Matthew Law, BLM, Philadelphia City Council, M.O.V.E and ACAF Centre. 

Common Knowledge also produced a series of music and poetry events. Most notably, the PSA series brought together the Last Poets, Reef the Lost Cause, Oluwafemi, and Dead Prez to raise awareness about the inhumane practices of the criminal justice system and raise money to free political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz.

V64 Artist Residency, Bangkok TH
Peckham Palms, London