Collaboration with Hazel Durrant 

Tomorrow’s Market was a 2-year pilot programme designed while working in partnership with the London Growth Hub and the Mayor of London. It was a small business development programme that aimed to future-proof street markets across London. The programme focused on removing the glass ceiling that prevents marginalized communities from reaching their full business potential. 

Tomorrow’s Market’s work in future-proofing over the past 18 months has supported 30+ new traders to develop and grow their businesses. The team behind the programme also worked closely with market management teams providing consultancy on workflow management, design, marketing and market curation. 

This programme was delivered with the support of:

Thalia Gray (Sheer Chemistry), Maria Knowles (Makatcha), Vanessa Provin (Beho), Lilli Conreen (Depop/Student High Street), Sally Williams (Retail Revival),  Fabio Diu (Real Food Festival), Stuart Horwood (Brixton Market Traders Federation), Abdiodun Adesoji (Lower Marsh), Debbie Carpenter (Camden Council), Tina Jadav (Greater London Authority), Stephan Sidebottom, Andia Dollia (Attitude Ltd.).

Ban Thor Phan, Thailand
The Guerrilla Lecture Initiative, London